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Please download the enrolment forms below.  These must be completed as soon as possible.  Please note that the listed fees for 2021’s Cert II Leadership program are not accurate and do not apply to you.  All TAFE fees are covered in the cost of the program as provided by yourself and your sponsor.


To assist with making the enrolments process go as smoothly as possible , please request students do the following :


  1. Go to and create a USI (unique student number). If you already have one from previous studies at TAFE, you can use that one.

  2. Download & complete both forms ensuring USI is recorded accurately

  3. Provide evidence of Australian residency/citizenship – copy of Medicare card or Australian passport or Australian residency status  – no driver’s licence.  

  4. Upload ALL four documents (proof of residency, New Student Enrolment Form and Questionnaire) below.



Click to download

Click to download

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