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2022 - 3th to 6th December

The Rotary Youth Leadership Extension Alumni Program (RYLEAP) is an extension program following on from where the RYLA camp ended.  This is an intensive program for people serious about learning cutting edge leadership skills. With fewer participants, a much deeper level of information can be taught. Using technologies such as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) participants will walk away with a heightened sense of self empowerment and a clear pathway to achieve their goals including a 3 month mapped out action plan. They will be provided with the tools to help express themselves with confidence and passion and inspire others. Leading groups and mentoring individuals will also be covered. 

Participants completing the RYLEAP program will receive a Certificate II in Leadership for South Metropolitan TAFE. 

RYLEAP is held in July at a location in Perth. Unlike RYLA, RYLEAP participants will be required to complete post-camp work and deliver a group project (with the support of camp leaders) as part of their Certificate II in Leadership.  Catering and accommodation are included in the program.



RYLEAP is intend to assist participants too: 

  • Delve into the psychology of leaders and apply these skills in their lives

  • Develop self management skills through meditation, time management techniques and emotional control skills

  • Learn basic business skills such as finance, public speaking, interview techniques and communication skills

  • Achieve a Certificate II in Leadership 



A variety of fun and interactive developmental activities are provided during the camp including:

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Public speaking

  • Meditation

  • Advanced presentation skills

  • Time management

  • Basic finance

  • Advanced leadership skills

  • Controlling emotions

  • Advanced goal setting

  • Project management


Participant Responsibilities

  • Each person nominated by a Rotary club is responsible to that club for their participation for the entire course and for their behaviour. 

  • Participants are expected to abide by camp regulation and a code of behaviour based on common sense and courtesy to fellow participants. 

  • The course is an intensive live-in program and its success will depend on active participation by all. Awardees will thus not be allowed to commute or to leave the camp precincts except in the case of exceptional circumstances. 

  • All personal expenses are the participants’ responsibility. 

  • Casual clothing is required for most activities. A kit-list will be mailed with final instructions 

  • Following successful completion of the course, awardees are invited to address their sponsoring Rotary Club(s) and share their experience with them.


The Cost

Partial sponsorship is available from local Rotary Clubs or employers. Total cost is:

  • Rotary Club -  $625 

  • NFP/Charity - $675

  • Corporate - $974

  • RYLEAP Participant - $250

 The successful applicants will be required to make payment prior to the camp commencing.

Please note, this is different to RYLA as this is an exclusive course for individuals ready to make the commitment to their development. 

Contact us if you would like further information.


Certificate II 

The Certificate 2 in Leadership is a Nationally Accredited Course which means it is recognised throughout Australia. It demonstrates that you have understood the basic components of Leadership and have participated in a group project demonstrating that you are able to work cohesively in a team. This is extremely useful for adding to CVs or volunteering organisations. There is a TAFE pathway which you can continue on to do the Certificate 2 in Leadership and beyond. 

The course is run in two main components. The first is a workbook to be completed in your own time before the RYLEAP camp commences. They are fairly straightforward and should be easy to complete and involve answering questions about yourself and places where you may study, work or volunteer. Once these have been submitted, they will be assessed and returned to you. 

The second component is a workbook which is primarily completed on the camp. Following the camp, there is a team project to complete. Together with the other participants of RYLEAP, you will complete a small project which will be Rotary based. The group will need to decide on the project and write up a project proposal. They will then schedule meetings, communicate via emails or telephone regularly, minute all meetings and set up a timeline and schedule. There are a series of questions that you will need to complete as you progress through the project. At the completion of the project, the project summary will be assessed. 

Throughout the course, you will be supported by the program coordinator as well as a TAFE coordinator of the Leadership Units. Both will be available to assist you with both the pre camp modules and the project.


Ready to take your leadership to the next level?

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