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9th - 15th January 2022

 RYLA is Rotarians working with youth in leadership development. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive training program for youth aiming to be leaders in our community. Young people aged 18-25, chosen for their leadership potential, attend a 7 day camp, organised by Rotarians. Australia needs to develop proactive youth leaders with self confidence and a capacity to be positive role models to others. The impact of the program spreads well beyond the week as the awardees influence other young people as they return to their community.

RYLA has partnered with South Metropolitan TAFE to award 

RYLA participants who successfully complete the program a 

Certificate 1 in Leadership.  This is a nationally recognised 

qualification which will help kick start  careers.



The Rotary Youth Leadership Course is intended to assist participants to: 

  • Develop their personal effectiveness and self confidence 

  • Develop leadership skills as well as the capacity to contribute effectively as team members

  • Gain a wider understanding of the challenges that present themselves in a changing society



A variety of fun and interactive developmental activities are provided during the camp including:

• Goal setting
• Teamwork exercises
• A hike & bush camp
• Leadership skills
• High Ropes
• Conflict resolution

• Culture awareness

• Public speaking
• Sustainable living
• Time management
• Problem-solving
• Bush navigation
• Effective communication
• Interpersonal skills


Participant Responsibilities

  • Each person nominated by a Rotary club is responsible to that club for their participation for the entire week and for their behaviour.

  • Participants will be expected to abide by camp regulation and a code of behaviour based on common sense and courtesy to fellow   participants. 

  • The course is an intensive live in program and its success will depend on active participation by all. Awardees will thus not be allowed to commute or to leave the camp precincts except in the case of   exceptional circumstances. 

  • All personal expenses such as toiletries and telephone use are the participants’ responsibility. 

  • Casual clothing is required for most activities. A kit list will be mailed with final instructions to all participants. 

  • Following successful completion of the course, awardees are invited to address their sponsoring Rotary Club(s) and share their experience with them. 


The Cost

RYLA Participant:

Each participant is required to pay $250 prior to the camp.  After the participant has successfully completed the camp they will receive $100 of this money back.  This is to help ensure participants are committed to and complete the program.  This is paid directly to the RLYA via the website after application - NOT by the sponsoring Rotary Club or organisation.


Each participant requires a sponsor. Sponsorship is available from your local Rotary Club or employer.  All transport from Kings Park, accommodation, meals, program activities and Certificate 1 in Leadership from TAFE are included in the nomination fee. 

  • Rotary Club: $845

  • Not-for-Profit/Charity: $895

  • Corporate: $1,194

Contact us if you would like further information or would like to know where your closest Rotary club is.


Ready to take your leadership to the next level?

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